Transportation and Parking

Solutions for ticketing

The introduction in public transport of contactless ticketing systems has made it possible to adopt a new approach to management and create new services.
With the BR7000 terminal Globalcom offers transport operators an opportunity to develop flexible and efficient systems for the sale and renewal of travel tickets or passes throughout the territory.
The BI3000 terminal provides managers of both transport and parking facilities with automated payment system for tickets or services.

The “Mobility Credits” application is an example of this.
It was developed for an Italian municipality to optimise goods delivery in the city’s limited traffic area.
According to this system, the Municipality issues access permits called “mobility credits” to businesses with activities in the historic centre and they can use them freely for goods delivery optimising the number of accesses of delivery vehicles. The aim of the initiative which is based on the European Community’s Emissions Trading Scheme is to reduce traffic congestion and resulting air pollution in the city.

Globalcom is able to provide the transport and parking sectors with innovative solutions based on contacless Paypass, Visawave cards or mobile phones equipped with NFC.


Unattended payment with BI3000