Business case

Safe and fast payment with Paycar at Petrol station

Using the Globalcom Paycar system you can fill up without wasting any time paying.

Drivers have a small on-board terminal which is “read and recognized” by the petrol station which automatically subtracts the amount owed from the pre-paid card.

Electronic tickets for Public Transport

An important Italian Public Transport Company has chosen the Globalcom BI3000 payment terminal to equip all underground stations with unmanned automatic ticket machines where passengers can buy – making an electronic payment – tickets and travel cards.

Automatic machines have also been installed near urban parking areas and users can pay their parking fees safely and 24h/7.

Bike sharing with smart card

Globalcom has developed a system for integrated tariffs for one of the largest Italian regions, a “single ticket” for local and regional public transport with different fare zones in the region’s territory and a technological management system.

This system applies to all transport operators and makes it possible for passengers to use different modes of transport, inner and outer city buses as well as regional and local trains, throughout the region’s territory using the same ticket, i.e. an electronic card.

As a natural extension of this service, the smart card can also be used for bike sharing solutions thanks to which citizens can easily hire and electronically pay for bicycles which are available in the city streets and squares.

 Sustainable mobility thanks to mobility credits  

The mobility credits system is an innovation in the area of sustainable mobility initiatives given that, thanks to a more scientific organization of city traffic, it combines a better road network with a greater ability to meet individual requirements.

The municipality issues access permits called “mobility credits” to retailers in historic city centres and they can use them freely for the delivery of goods, optimizing the number of entries on the part of hauliers. Optimizing goods delivery in urban limited traffic zones (ZTL) can reduce traffic congestion and the resulting pollution.

Globalcom has supplied the technological infrastructure with contactless portable terminals for hauliers, contactless cards for retailers and web servers for data acquisition on the ground.