Today, the worldwide market requires multifunctional devices which are able to provide free access to services and goods that are used by consumers on a daily basis.

Globalcom is the solution.

Design and development of  
payment systems

Globalcom Engineering is highly specialised in the design and development of high-technology devices for the data transmission and payment systems sectors.

Globalcom has been active on the market since 1999 and it operates above all in the Petrol, Ticketing, Parking, Industrial Automation, Kiosk&Vending, Mobility Solutions, Transport, Public Administration and Retail sectors, supplying terminals for transactions based on credit, debit, contactless and loyalty cards.

Globalcom technology and products support people and businesses in all their daily activities by ensuring fast, professional and secure transactions, at all times and everywhere.

The company’s passion for science and technology ensures constant growth thanks to its commitment to the development of customised and innovative solutions. Indeed, the aim of the Globalcom Team, made up mostly of specialised technicians and engineers, is to design new products and services which can meet market needs and specific customer requirements.